Inner Peace Meditations

A wonderful tree meditation by Steven Webb. In this meditation it will help you to become more resilient and confident by enhancing your hidden qualities in a very similar way to nature and especially a tree.
Deep sleep affirmations My bedroom is ideal for deep healing sleep. My body is relaxing for a comfortable night’s sleep. I am relaxed and ready for a comfortable night’s sleep. My mind is slowing down. I am feeling safe and secure. My breathing is slowing down ready for deep sleep. Today is already over. As...
This guided meditation will help you to distress and find peace and calmness in under five minutes with wave sounds in the background. Download 5 Simple Practices for Inner Peace from
This meditation will help you if you are feeling stressed or anxious about anything, and you would like a little time out in your peaceful place. A meditation by Steven Webb
Enjoy a wonderful imaginary experience through the forest of curiosity to help you find inner peace and reduce stress and anxiety—a meditation by Steven Webb.
This meditation will help you point to the true self, pure awareness, which is beyond all of the limiting beliefs. Not your opinions, beliefs, habits, and the roles you play in life. When you take away all those things, start from pure awareness you can be anything you want.
This is the ideal 10 minutes morning gratitude practice that will help you to be grateful for yourself and who you are, as well as others and then extending that to the whole universe.
This meditation is really simple breathing in calm, breathing out relax. You don’t have to be an expert meditator, just somebody that suffers from stress and anxiety and wants to reduce it to a manageable level.
If you struggle to love yourself, forgive yourself, and this is the perfect meditation. It takes you on a journey into your heart, along with your inner child and gives you an experience of what it’s like to feel the love from your adult self. In return, you will then feel the safety and comfort...
This meditation has been listened to over 1 million times, at the time I released it a few years ago I had no idea I had a talent for putting people to sleep. Well, a talent is a talent and who am I not to help and use it for the benefit of all of...